Sunday, December 19, 2010

What the Tweet Should I Say?

So you have a Twitter account and you are  working on attracting followers....Now What?  Well, keep in mind that you want to tweet things that you think your audience would appreciate.   Sometimes this is much easier said than

I myself have taken to tweeting quotes about philosophy, life,  motivation and things to make people think.  I have had people cuss me and block me for the quotes I offer...but as I said in an earlier post....not everyone will like you.   I have also had many people tell me I knew nothing about Twitter...and I do not do it correctly.   I beg to differ.....Twitter is what you make it...and that variety is what makes it wonderful!  In addition to the quotes, I also put in information about SEO, Web 2.0 and the internet.  I know that some of my followers will appreciate free info on making their websites attract more people. 

An important thing to consider is to not polarize half of the followers you just gained.  An example would be if you were building a list of possible buyers for your widgets and you start passionately tweeting Politics.  In this situation, you would probably lose many of your followers because their views do not agree with yours and they get tired of hearing it constantly.

Another area that can be very polarizing is Religion. I think anyone who reads my tweets realizes I am a Christian who believes in God and prays for my friends.  However, I have Twitter followers all over the world...many of whom are not Christian.  I will never be ashamed of what I am...but I will try to be sensitive to our differences.  Bigotry has no place in our modern society...and it certainly has not place on Twitter!

Remember to consider why you are tweeting when you are writing tweets.  Are you tweeting to visit with friends and family, are you trying to expand your business, are you wanting to make new contacts?  The real answer is probably all of the above...but one of those categories should be a little more dominant.   Maybe you  want to tell your followers something positive that happened every day.  Another idea is to furnish info that would be educational for their industry...such as the Internet/seo tweets I mentioned earlier.

We are all guilty of sometimes typing without thinking, but please keep in mind that some things shared on Twitter are simply Too Much Information!  Many people would not say these same things face to face...but they have lost their fears online.  I know I will get slammed for writing this...but Twitter is a big neighborhood...let's keep it friendly so all can enjoy.  Learning how to Twitter can be fun....just take it one step at a time!


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