Saturday, December 18, 2010

Targeted Followers....part 2

A simple way for beginners to target people can be found on the Twitter site under the heading "Find People".  You will then see a tab for "browse interests".  Click on this and you will see about 20 different topics to find people to follow.  The problem with this is it is way too general.  If you want to really reach Targeted need much better tools than that.

I have used a software with 6 laser targeted search options.  I can find people to follow based on profile data (keywords, # of followers, location, and more),  keywords in tweets, geographic location, followers of another user, followed by another user and Twitter lists.

Why is this an important tool?  Let's pretend that your company sells widgets to Civil Engineers.  They only market this product within 500 miles.  You could search profiles for "civil engineers within 500 miles" to get an entire list of names to follow.  You might also search Tweets for competitor's products...and follow these people too.  Let's say you found out that John Doe was a competitor of yours...and he had a follower list that was mostly Civil could follow determine which people you want to follow on his list.  Click  here to see the software  that helps you target followers.    Warning....this software is like a is very powerful.   In this analogy, I might have a car that can do 200mph...but that does not mean I have to drive it that fast.  The same can be said for this software.....Learn to use it not get yourself in trouble on Twitter.

As we discussed earlier, everyone you follow will not follow you back.  I have ranged from 10% to 50% on this...with the average being close to 20%.  In the above example, let's say you were able to follow 5,000 targeted people over a period of time.....and 20% followed you back.  You now have a Targeted list of 1,000 people!  These are people that are interested in what you are selling.   Can you start to see the value of having Targeted Followers?

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