Monday, December 27, 2010

Does Twitter Nation Have a Heart?

This morning I would like to share  a few Twitter facts from Ben Lorica | @dliman.  Please keep in mind these numbers are now 8 months old....but it will give you  a pretty good idea:

1. # of registered users: 105,779,710 (1,500% growth over the last three years.)

2. # of new sign-ups per day: ~ 300,000 (More recently, 60% of new accounts were from outside the U.S.)

3. # of new tweets per day: 55 million

4. # of unique daily visitors to the site ~ 180 million. (That's actually dwarfed by the traffic that flows through twitter's API -- 75% of traffic is through the API.)

5. # of API requests per day: 3 billion

6. # of registered apps: 100,000 (from 50,000 in Dec/2009)

7. # of search queries per day: 600 million

8. Twitter's instance, of their recently open-sourced graph database (FlockDB), has 300 13 billion edges and handles 100,000 reads per second.

9. # of servers1: "... in the hundreds"

10. Blackberry's just released twitter app accounted for 7% of new sign-ups over the last few days

11. A NY Times story gets tweeted every 4 seconds.

In a sense, Twitter is larger than most nations in the the world.  What could be accoplished if we all learned to work together for the  benefit of others?   Let me give you an example:   In the above situation, let's say half of those numbers were from Bots.  That still leaves approximately 52,500,000.   If each of these people would contribute $1 to help their fellow man.....$52,500,000.  Now pause for a sec and  consider this; what if Twitter became the Social Media with a heart and all these people gave $1 each month to help others.  You are now looking at a total of $630,000,000 / yr.....that is the potential of Twitter!  

Although I enjoy Twitter very much, I challenge you with these thoughts.  Twitter is a fantastic social media...but imagine what could be accomplished if the Tweeters ever started working together.


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