Monday, December 20, 2010

Sex on Twitter

By now you may have noticed that you have a few followers that you were not necessarily seeking.  The online sex industry has invaded Twitter in a major way...and they are following everyone possible....trying to drum up business. 

What can you do about these people who are  invading your Twitter world? Well...on the on hand I might say to let them be and just continue what you are doing.   On the other hand, if their picture or content is too offensive, that is what the BLOCK button is used for.  To do this you simply need to click on the person's Twitter name, then  under the profile info, click on the gear shaped icon and finally click on BLOCK.  Do not let these people  upset you...just deal with them or use the Block.

A final note regarding having followers from the world's oldest profession on Twitter.....they've been around for thousands of years, only the technology has changed.


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